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Herbs & Nutrition


What should I expect with an herb and supplement consultation?

Herbal and nutritional consultations involve discussion of symptoms and prescription of herbs, nutritional supplements, and dietary and lifestyle changes. Patients may be advised to begin a regimen of nutrients and/or herbs which usually come in the form of tablets, capsules, powders, or liquids. The cost of these items is not included in the consultation fee. Consultations also include information about menu planning and targeted physical activities for symptom relief. Sessions last 15 minutes with 30 minutes allotted for the first visit.

What is the difference between herbal medicine and nutritional supplementation?

Herbal medicine is targeted to provide relief from specific disease processes and may be prescribed using either Chinese or Western methodology. Chinese methodology uses a special system of disease diagnosis that focuses upon rectifying qi flow within the body. Multiple herbs are often mixed together to mutually enhance their properties. While Chinese herbal medicine does relieve symptoms of disease, it works to support the whole body and stop the disease process at its source. Western methodology in contrast, takes a more pharmaceutical approach to treatment, pairing specific herbs to relieve specific symptoms and focusing more on tissue function rather than energy flow. While Western methods also combine herbs into formulas, single herbs are more often prescribed for relief of specific symptoms. Both methods are effective and are often used in conjunction with each other at Holistic Pain Solutions.

Nutritional supplementation aims to restore health by providing nutrients to support body functions. Unlike herbal medicine, nutrients are not targeted to specific disease processes. Rather, body systems are supported by providing nutrients that may be missing or being consumed in inadequate quantity in the diet. In many cases, symptoms may be relieved with nutritional supplementation alone, but the combination of nutrients with herbal medicine allows therapy to target specific symptoms while providing overall support for the body.

Are your herbs and nutrients approved by the FDA?

No. The FDA has not approved any herbs or nutrients for treating specific diseases. However, they may be used to provide support for the body during the presence of symptoms.

Are your herbs and nutrients organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free?

Most, but not all, products are USDA certified organic and non-GMO. Some products contain trace amounts of gluten which are so minuscule that they rarely, if ever, bother people with gluten sensitivities. Products with trace amounts of gluten may be inappropriate for patients with true celiac sprue. If patients are concerned about gluten content, only certified gluten-free products will be prescribed.

Are herbs and nutrients safe?

Yes. Holistic Pain Solutions stocks only herbs and nutrients that have been assayed to ensure both quality and safety. However, herbs and nutrients should not be taken without recommendation from a trained professional. While herbs and nutrients are made from food sources, they can cause discomfort if taken incorrectly or in excess. In rare cases, they may cause adverse reactions or interact with certain medications.

Is it okay to take my herbs and/or supplements in combination with my over-the-counter and prescription medications?

Usually yes. Herbal medicines and nutritional supplements do not usually pose risk when taken in conjunction with medications because they are made mostly from food sources. However, a small number of medications may interact with herbs and nutrients. Some patients may also have poor tolerance of certain herbs or nutrients. Licensed acupuncturists are trained in herbal safety and will not prescribe if there is a risk of interaction or intolerance.

My doctor says I should not take herbs or nutrients because little is known about them, but Holistic Pain Solutions advocates the use of herbs and nutrients. How do I know how to make an appropriate treatment decision for myself with conflicting advice?

Many different options exist for treating diseases, and only the patient can decide what type of treatment is best for him/her. Over-the-counter and prescription pharmaceuticals effectively relieve symptoms and often work much more quickly than herbal medicine and nutritional supplementation. Drugs can also provide more effective treatment for certain diseases. However, many diseases respond well to herbal and nutritional treatments. These methods often present fewer negative side effects and cause greater overall health when they are implemented and maintained. Most biomedical practitioners are not trained in herbal medicine or nutritional supplementation, so they are often hesitant to recommend these options to their patients because they do not want liability for treatment methods with which they are unfamiliar. This is one of many reasons why Holistic Pain Solutions encourages open conversation with all practitioners involved in a patient's care.

What is your Reconditioning And Purification Program (RAPP)?

The Reconditioning and Purification Program (RAPP) is a regimen of nutritional supplements that aim to restore gut function, promote proper elimination of toxins, and stabilize endocrine and pancreatic function. For more information, please visit the RAPP page.

What product lines do you carry? How are they different from supplements or herbs I buy at grocery or health food stores?

Holistic Pain Solutions carries product lines from Standard Process, MediHerb, Far East Summit, and Great Lakes Gelatin.

Standard Process and MediHerb products are made from unaltered, organically grown foods and herbs. Thus they are more easily absorbed and assimilated into body systems than products that consist of isolated or synthetically produced compounds. This makes them more potent, more powerful, and faster-acting than their lower quality, synthetic counterparts. All Standard Process and MediHerb products are organically grown in the United States and Australia. They assayed for quality to ensure product potency and consistency.

Far East Summit products are USFDA compliant and are made in their company-owned facility in Lane County, Oregon.

Great Lakes Gelatin manufactures collagen hydrolysate from grass-fed cattle. Their products are certified by the USDA which means that their animals are free from infectious diseases. The collagen is gluten-free and contains no MSG.

I need to reorder my supplements and/or herbs. How do I request refills?

All Standard Process and MediHerb refill requests may be e-mailed to or they may be ordered online via Enter the code Q4SPCN and your account will be approved to order online the same day. 

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